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Fresh Face: Steph Claire Smith

Steph hails from Melbourne, but thanks to her contract with Chadwicks Models in New York, Wilhelmina in Miami and 2mgmt in LA, the world is literally her playground these days! She is a firm believer in balance and health that has not only manifested in her rocking bod, but also in her new cookbook for eating clean, called The recipes in my book are healthy and simple to create, and most importantly… delicious. My idea of healthy eating in cooking is not depriving yourself of certain foods (like pasta or desserts) but being able to create these kinds of meals in a much healthier and nutritious way. I believe that a lot more people would eat cleaner and healthier with a little more education,’ says Steph. 

She is also the new face for Australian lingerie brand Intimo and she has modelled for various popular swimwear brands like Bondi, Billabong, Moana Bikini, Peony Swimwear, It’s Now Cool and For Love & Lemons. But, Steph had her doubts about heading in this direction, she says: ‘Throughout high school we were always asked the big question “what do you want to do when you finish school”, for me this was hard to answer. I had so many different interests… a part of me wanted to become a teacher, another part of me wanted to do something with animals, another part of me wanted to be a personal trainer, and another part of me secretly wanted to be a singer. All very different things… but on the inside I always wanted to get back into modelling. People told me it was a dead end job, that it won’t last long at all, that it will get me nowhere, that I must be so vain to want to do that… but after all the amazing experiences I’ve had with travel and meeting people in my career, I really do not regret starting it at all. Im at a point in my life where I have so many incredible opportunities because of modelling. Also I’m so happy, and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else right now,’ she says. 

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