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Videographer’s Choice Badges!

Another badge given to this year’s contestants is the “Videographer’s Choice” badge. Richard Hughes is the official World Swimsuit videographer and this year’s judge for the badge. Richard who works for Popcorn Post is a genius at what he does and contributes to editing as well. Being multitalented means that Richard has shot for various brands and campaigns the world over. In 2014 when World Swimsuit decided to go the Seychelles for the magazine, Richard was the only choice to come along for the trip. Using his expertise, Richard shoots a lot of the World Swimsuit YouTube content and edits all the videos. So for a taste of what he can do visit our YouTube channel at We spoke the video guru and asked him some questions and this was his response

1. What other brands/campaigns have you worked on?

From the commercial/corporate side of things I’ve worked on brands such as Spree, Checkers, Old Mutual, Shell, Siyazama and Carvela and I also have been involved in a lot of live music events over the years including the Heineken Symphonic Rocks Shows, Ultra Music Festival, David Guetta, Akon, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia & Avicii tours.

2. How long have you been an editor?

I’ve been an editor for 15 years now, 9 of those years have been with Popcorn Post Production. That makes me sound like I’m old, but I’m not. I think I’m still handsome enough to carry on for a long long time!

3. How long have you been a videographer?

I’ve been a videographer for 6 years.

4. Which one did you do first?

I started off as an editor and then moved into videography. Being an editor first helped me become a better videographer because while I’m shooting I’m thinking about my edit and how I’m going to piece the story together so I don’t waste my time shooting unnecessary stuff.

5. As a brand/company can you talk about the importance on having a social media presence?

Having a social media presence today is more important than ever. You have to constantly be on top of your game since there are so many different ways in which to market yourself or your company online and it’s constantly evolving which is great, because it means you’re constantly learning.6.When did you first start working with World Swimsuit?

6. When did you first start working with World Swimsuit?

As an editor I’ve been working with World Swimsuit since the magazine started and I also have a long history with the Netsport Media team having worked with them back when it was known as SA Sports Illustrated Swimwear from 2005 – 2007. Then in 2014 I got to travel with the team to the Seychelles to shoot the behind-the-scenes TV show and I’m excited to be back again to shoot this year’s show.

7. Who has been your favourite model to work with?

It’s really hard to single out 1 individual model because I’ve really enjoyed working with so many over the years because I enjoy the entire process from getting to know them on set or on location and developing a relationship with them which in turn makes them more comfortable working with me, and that’s when I find you get the best out of them.

8. What do you look for when choosing a model to award a badge to?

Looks are great but it’s not the always the most important thing for me. Because every model that has entered the competition this year has a relatively good social media presence and that gives me an opportunity to base my entire evaluation on not just their looks, but also to gain insight in to what type of personality they are as well, making it easier to decide.

9. Any other interesting facts about you. And let me know if you want me to mention Popcorn Post to give you guys additional exposure.

Interesting facts, hmmmm, there are so many. Well here’s one. When I was younger and graduated from Advertising College I didn’t find work immediately, so to earn an income I did lots of odds and ends and one of them was finding a job in a factory shop in Cape Town moulding the various cup sizes for women’s bra’s. Yeah, true story!! I also used to do hair modeling for L’oreal but there is fortunately no photographic evidence to back that up so you’re going to have to take my word for it!

Richard’s choices for “Videographer’s Choice” were:

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