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Mr Cape Town Awards Blog Badges

As previously mentioned and again emphasized is the role of social media in today’s world. One cannot go anywhere without the presence of social media and people and business alike have come to greatly appreciate what it can do for someone or a brand. Models are those who fall into the special category of having their own personal space as well as their own brand. As a result our Blog Award plays a significant role.

Blogger, Dylan Moore better known by his online name Mr Cape Town is our judge for some of the Blog Awards. His blog,, focuses on nightlife, sport, fashion as well as movies and music his into. Boasting 13 700 Twitter followers and 12 341 fans on Facebook means that Dylan has some serious online presence. With such a large following Dylan uses his access to review restaurants and a wide variety of other goods to inform consumers and fans alike. For a great perspective of Cape Town from one of the locals this is the place to visit! Dylan answered some short questions for us and here is what he said.

1. Tell our followers/fans a little about yourself…

YO. I am Dylan Moore, born and bred in Cape Town. Grew up and went to school in Camps Bay and still reside here. I have my own social media marketing and online PR company, and run my own lifestyle blog part time. Dig the outdoors, running, hiking, football, the beach, good food, great parties and spending time with my homies. Would love to travel more, but don’t see myself living anywhere other than the Atlantic Seaboard.

2. What made you decide to start a blog?

Blogs and social media were on the rise when I was studying at AAA School Of Advertising and decided to start my own when I left college to put my thoughts somewhere they could be recorded. I ended up expanding into areas such as lifestyle, nightlife, sport, events, restaurants, travel, marketing and it eventually became an extension of my everyday life and interests. The freebies, event tickets and blogger drops were a vibe so my passion just grew and I still run it today! You also meet loads of awesome people, and that’s always great!

3. What are your 3 favourite blogs to follow and why?

Food Blog Cape Town to keep me up to date with all the latest foodie news, specials and new spots in and around town. Manchester United blog to keep me in the loop with the latest news from my football club, because football is life. World Swimsuit because well, do I even need a reason for that?

4. What were your criteria for awarding your blog

I have a certain look and style that appeal to me so just had a squiz through the contestants I was allocated and picked my best for my personal taste. Good body, nice eyes, confidence, style and an up to date social media presence is also key in the modeling industry!

5. Who are some of your favourite models and why?

My ultimate is Nicole Meyer. My reason being is that she is every dudes dream and she’s a local girl. Apparently Afrikaans girls make the best wives? I actually have a load of friends who are models and my favourite from my close friends would be Shana Mouton, Aisha Dramat, Shane Van Der Westhuizen, Pia Jane Jacobs, Ty Dettmer, Katelyn Barkhuizen and Kaymin Ormerod.

6. Bikini or one-piece?

Bikini. DUH!

7. Favourite beach and why?

Bakoven. I grew up there, it’s not packed with Joburgers in Summer and the view of Lion’s Head is second to none.

8. Favourite beach holiday memory as a child?

Learning to bodyboard at Banana Beach near Durban!

9. How important do you think a social media presence is, particularly for modeling?

As I said above it is huge. Brands are always monitoring the online presence of models, so it’s vital to be relevant and up to date with posting. World Swimsuit Model Search is the perfect example. The competition works on votes, and the more fans you have, the more votes and sharing is going to go your way!

10. Tips for increasing your social media following.

Stay up to date with your posts, stay relevant, post behind the scenes images that no one else gets to see, and do collaborations with brands that will feature your images on their platforms! Reach out to bloggers to feature your latest shoots, as we will most likely always oblige. My email address is if you ever want to send me images from your latest shoots and a blurb about yourself and the campaign. Happy to feature if it floats my boat! You can follow me on Twitter @MrCPT, find my page on Facebook at and follow me on Instagram @mrcapetown. Good luck for the TOP 10 and I’ll be sure to come check out the shoot when it happens in Cape Town!

Mr Cape Town’s choices were:



Anke Gabler

Chalize Van Zijl

Anzelle Von Staden

Natalia Brhel

Michelle Allen

Niler Bernard

Aimee Dillard

Jenna Carmen

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