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Second Set of Blog Award Badges!

By now everyone knows that social media is starting to play much more of a prominent role in everyone’s lives. So much so that even models are starting careers and getting noticed through various social media platforms. Due to social media’s ever increasing popularity a “Blog Award” badge was initiated. Today we’ve received the latest contestants who received a “Blog Award” badge. Our blogger awarding these badges today is Cee and her travel based blog “Ceece’s Travel”

Cee focuses mostly on travel and mixtures it up with food, wine, fashion and beauty. She offers her readers some great insight into hotels which she reviews as well as her photography which she is becoming quite good at and who knows she might just shoot our next magazine! Such is her influence that she receives about 330 500 impressions a month on Twitter alone. Her online status also allows her to attend many food & wine shows as well as other travel and blogging events. Cee’s blog is the go to place before visiting any international destination as she can offer her readers some handy tips about traveling. Her reviews on food and wine keep those in the know about what are the hottest places to fill up at. The lady knows what she’s talking about and if you’re still skeptical visit her blog and find out for yourself you won’t be disappointed. Cee also took some time to answer a few short questions for us and this is what she said:

1. Tell our followers/fans a little about yourself…

My name is Cee and I am the founder, head writer, and editor of Ceeces Travel. I also work with close friend and business partner Al Nicoll from Al Nicoll Photography. I live for adventure, travel and exploration. After leaving a ten year career in hospitality, I started my blog as a simple form of expression. Now I work alongside the local Tourism department among many other PR, Media and Event Companies. I would like to direct the business into further connections with airlines, game and luxury lodges and reserves both locally and internationally.

2. What made you decide to start a blog?

My website / travel blog began as a way to express my biggest passions in life. I have always been a writer possibly an influence from my father who was a journalist and my mother who was a teacher before they adopted me.

3. What are your 3 favorite blogs to follow and why?

Wow. There are so many talented and dedicated travel bloggers in this world; it’s a hard question to narrow down. Many people don’t realize what work goes into creating and keeping up a space once you start having dedicated readers and fans. It is a lot of work whether your passion or not? I put the same hours into my website as I did in hospitality and hotels and sometimes that means 23hr days 6 days a week. I love what I do and will continue to keep building but I think a note of appreciation and respect for those in this industry should be bought to the table.

4. What were your criteria for awarding your blog badges?

I like people who are themselves. I like things that stick out, people and woman who aren’t afraid to be who they truly are. If there is one thing we do in this world too much its care what everyone else thinks, or be influenced by group notions of what we should look like, or how we should act, or what we should do. So the ladies I have chosen I have chosen not just because of their physical looks but their bio’s had a huge part in my choices.

5. Who are some of your favorite models and why?

I loved Carla Wisely’s fresh faced look.

Carly Shartin impressed me grandly by being 21 years of age and so committed to a healthy lifestyle and fit body. She is one of my top 3 to win this competition.

And last but not least, Anna Iakymchuk is strong and built posture really drew my attention. She is beautiful and has amazing bone features, in make-up she seems to shine and without. I love that she is not the average “model” build.

6. Bikini or one-piece?

This totally depends on the body shape of the model. We are built differently, no matter how alike we can look at times. I think both look great on certain body types. I do like the comeback of the full piece as I think it’s a classic style and also more comfortable for those of us who aren’t 100% body confident or just don’t like exposing too much.

7. Favorite beach and why?

Durban, South Africa. No questions asked. I was lucky enough to grow up in Durban South Africa’s warmest coastal city. Here we have a culture of surfing and beach wear unlike other places. We are blessed to have great waves and water conditions all year round have produced some of the world’s greatest surfers.

8. Favourite beach holiday memory as a child?

Roller blading or taking my BMX, with my dad every weekend to the beach. We would make an entire adventure of it, taking the local train from our house down to the ocean and then riding or rolling along the promenade all morning.

9. How important do you think a social media presence is, particularly for modeling?

Social media is drastic for all industries and businesses operating in today’s world. If you’re not on it you’re going to get left behind and you’re basically throwing money away for free. Social media is what the invention of the PC/MAC was to our previous generations. It’s not something that’s going to go away and if you don’t associate yourself now you’re going to be at a loss. There are ways to handle it and I don’t think you need to e on every platform ever invented but you should have your name out there somewhere.

10. Tips for increasing your social media following.

Be yourself, having said that you don’t need to sell yourself 24/7. People don’t like being marketed at them like being talked to, engaged with and felt like they matter. I love my followers, especially my twitter followers but I make a point of trying to engage or get to know them. Let them know you’re there and that they’re not just a number. Also try and be the source point of news and information related to you or your brand, or things that relate to your brand. Instead of RT’ing something that everyone has Rt’d go to the source of the article and share the link yourself. Word the tweet yourself and gain traction on your monthly stats. People will start coming directly to you for the latest in……And last but not least NO SLANG TALK. It’s purely insulting. Use full words and full sentences; show that you’re an educated person who treats others with respect. I immediately ignore messages I can’t read especially when they come from assumingly professional brands. It’s horrid.

Cee’s choices were as follows:

Chanelle Soncini

Khanya Modipha

Ane Sieberhagen

Carly Shartin


Ash Battle

Pashini Govender

Anna Iakymchuk

Monique Nel

Kelly Murphy

Clara Wisely

Pia Jacobs


Nikki Du Plessis

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