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Blog Award Badges Are Here!

We all know about the important role social media plays in today’s world. Even an event as big as Model Search, cannot escape its grasp. With digital presence such an important aspect of everyone’s lives especially models, a blogger award was created. We chose four influential bloggers to pick a few contestants who they thought were deserving of a Blogger Award. The first blogger is Misha Coetzee, and her blog Brandslut. Her bio states that she is a “Johannesburg-based digital marketing manager” and blogger with a passion for brands & marketing”. Her blog she states focuses on “travel, fashion, beauty, gadgets, fitness, decor & DIY.” Having worked with some of South Africa’s biggest brands and she even won an award at Africa Bloggers Awards for “Best Brand Blog”. She boasts almost 10 000 followers on Instagram a figure growing daily and another 4 000 Facebook fans.We asked the fashion and travel blogger some questions and here’s what she had to say:

1. Tell our followers/fans a little about yourself…

My world is a full one at the moment! By day I work in digital marketing for South Africa’s premier investment bank, I also own and run a microblading business called The Browery which I opened in 2016. My blog is a passion project I started in 2010, a place to share my ideas and inspiration. I live in Johannesburg with my boyfriend Jamie. I love coffee, breakfast, plants and long runs on cold days. I’m a winter person.

2. What made you decide to start a blog?

I’ve always loved writing and taking photographs; this naturally evolved into a blog which was the perfect platform to house my content.

3. What are your 3 favourite blogs to follow and why? 

At the moment I’m lusting after Design Love Fest (Bri Emery) & Jessica Sepel; they inspire from a health, wellness and visual perspective. I’ve also recently discovered the Bullet Proof Exec; I’m going through a bio-hacking phase.

4. What were your criteria for awarding your blog badges?

I went by gut-feel and first impression, looking for natural beauty and an open face that likes the camera.

5. Who are some of your favourite models and why? 

My favourite models are role models, women who transcend beauty to build businesses, help their communities and do good in this world.

6. Bikini or one-piece? 

I love both, but at the moment I’m leaning toward the one-piece.

7. Favourite beach and why?

Scarborough, I have fond family memories there.

8. Favourite beach holiday memory as a child?

Mauritius family holidays at La Pirogue, my brother and I at the kids club participating in ice-cream eating competitions, tanned beyond belief, living our best lives.

9. How important do you think a social media presence is, particularly for modeling? 

I don’t think it’s a prerequisite, but it certainly helps connect you to a global fan-base. I think if your audience is large enough, brands could potentially book you for your reach and influence, not necessarily looks alone.

10. Tips for increasing your social media following.

Choose an angle, stick to it, work at it, engage, tag, repeat. Eventually it will grow, but it’s a slow-burn and takes time.

Here is her list of girls for the Blog Award and they are:

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