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Fresh Face: Malia Murphey

Murphy’s law? Pffff we’ll have none of that. Malia Murphey? Yes please. Fittingly, Malia Murphey hails form the tropical beach land of Hawaii, so she spends her life in a bikini; surfing, swimming and making us jealous with her perfect tan lines. 

Miss Murphey is officially signed with No Ties Management, which has become one of the most renowned talent and model management in Southern California. Maria has modelled for various swimwear brands including Billabong Woman, Farrow Swim, Society Bikini, It’s Now Cool, and she has been featured in Surfing Magazine. 

She is a sort of swimwear ambassador; if you are not sure what to wear each summer season, Malia has the kind of bikini style you pay attention to. 

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