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Fresh Face: Kari Michelle

Kari Michelle is devilishly divine with blue eyes and freckles that are full of mischief and sweetness. She has an edgy, quirky beauty that makes you feel intimidated, but totally fascinated. She hails from the City of Angels, and seems to be the kind of girl who finds solace in breaking boundaries and challenging peoples perceptions about what it means to model. 

Kari is signed with Next Models LA where she has modelled for Adidas, Spanx, Flour and Felix, Escape, Trevor flores, Justin Henry, K Rish Skönhet and Christopher Parsons photography, and has been featured in Be Street magazine, C-heads Magazine and Elle Japan. 

She is super dynamic, able to give an iconic performance for a myriad of styles and subcultures from pastel grunge, to goth hip hop and sporty spice. Radiant, interesting and flawless, Kari Michelle is set to become a big deal. 

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