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Editor’s Stars

This year’s global World Swimsuit Model Search competition is turning out to be one for the record books, with more girls entering and more votes casted than ever before. So a big thank you to everyone who has participated in any way, thus far. To spice things up a bit we will be allocating our first batch of Editor’s Stars this week, with the rest to follow.

The first 15 girls to receive their stars, representing their countries all over the world, are:

  1. Louisa Kapitza
  2. Shir Elmaliach
  3. Alyssa Arendse
  4. Katerina Ibrahim
  5. Janet Otobo
  6. Alana
  7. Lucia Kopacikova
  8. Viktoriia
  9. Kaymin
  10. Julie Rose
  11. Katica Rakuljic
  12. DC
  13. Mia Cooper
  14. Annie Ericson
  15. Nokwazi Zimu

Also as a reminder the top 30 contestants with the most stars will all go through to the finals from where a winner will be chosen. Keep an eye on our website for any other news regarding the World Swimsuit Model Search 2016 competition. With just over a month to go we want to wish all entrants the very best of luck, and don’t forget to keep voting – it counts!

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