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Cape Town’s Breakout Beach Label

We love it when a fresh new creative breaks onto the scene! World Swimsuit caught up with the designer of a new swimwear range by Julia Buchanan, who hails from Cape Town, South Africa – home of some of the world’s best beaches and clearly an amazing inspiration for Julia’s JULZ Swimwear & Kimono range.

What’s your favourite beach destination?
Stilbaai or Elandsbaai (near Cape Town). Local is best! These are both places that my family have holidayed at for a lifetime. They have perfect waves for surfing and are both so relaxing. There are long beaches covered in shells! These coastlines are so humble and showcase nature at its best. 

Why and when did you decide to design swimwear? 
Last year I was lucky enough to travel around Europe for six months, mainly exploring Ibiza and Spain, as well as the South of France. I then carried on to the Caribbean for three weeks this year, visiting St. Maarten and St. Barts. The swimwear selection for women in these places is exquisite! It made me realise that there is a real gap in the market in South Africa for locally designed women’s swimwear that is lively and unique.  

What’s your favourite trend right now?

Double Duty! Taking a beautiful swimsuit from a long lazy day on the beach, to popping on a striking kimono, pants and a snazzy pair of wedges to hit the town for a juicy cocktail (or two!). This is what JULZ Swimwear & Kimonos aims to achieve. 

How should a woman go about choosing a bikini?
They should always choose something that they feel confident in! Confidence is key; no matter what your shape or size! 

If there is one celebrity you would like to design a bikini for who, would it be and what would you make her?

If I were to dress celebrities, I would choose celebrities with character! Cara Delevingne or Jennifer Lawrence would be ideal, as they radiate fun, but are powerful at the same time.  

Available from Avante Premiere, Cape Town until March 31. For more details catch Julia on instagram @julz_watchthisgap or email

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