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Fresh Face – Courtney Blakely

Courtney Blakely is a passionate model with a positive message. Having been teased for being so tiny at school, to becoming a Hooters sensation, a fierce bikini model and an aspiring nurse; she started from the bottom now she’s right where she wants to be! Courtney is from Louisville Kentucky, and is currently studying for her nursing degree while keeping her modelling career cooking on the side. 

On Instagram she sheds some light on her perpetual-bikini-wearing. “I know people probably think, ‘DAMN this girl is always in a bikini!” She goes on to say that despite being constantly teased at school, she has grown to find immense excitement in the opportunities her body has afforded her, and by being a god fearing, intelligent woman she has been able to reap all the rewards.

Courtney was a world finalist at Miss Hooters International pageant showcased on Fox, she was in the top 10 to become Miss Kentucky USA 2015 and was also featured in the Hooters 2016 national calendar. At the moment she is a runner-up in Bikini Team’s Miami Beach model search competition, which would be an amazing opportunity for her to build a portfolio. Good luck Courtney!

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