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Fresh Face – Lisa Song Sutton

You know that one person who just seems to be doing way too much, and you constantly wonder how they manage it all and still look so damn good? Well, Lisa Song Sutton has it all under control. She’s fiercely independent and running a million and one projects/businesses/something or other all at the same time while she still manages an incredible always-ready-for-a-bikini body. Maybe being really busy is the secret to a summer bod to die for?

Here is a quick run through: Sutton is a talk-show host, ex-lawyer, entrepreneur, model, beauty pageant winner, real-estate agent and writer. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Arizona at the age of five. She holds degrees from both the University of Arizona and the University of Miami (FL).

Lisa is also committed to  giving back and helping those less fortunate than her, making everything she does relate back to the community, particularly women in need. She won Miss Navada in 2014 and as a result is working closely with her community, supporting women empowerment through face-to-face community care. She writes for, Business Insider, Fast Company, and other business publications, writing about entrepreneurship, inspiring women in business. On top of that, and more, Ms Sutton also continues to work as a print model with the prestigious modelling agency, Wilhelmina Models, and has been featured in over 70 national and international publications.

This Korean and British beauty’s most recent endeavour is the luxury swimwear distributor, Liquid & Lace: Bikinis For A Cause, which, in collaboration with its charitable partners, provides community donations for every piece sold. See, nothing she does is just for herself!

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