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On Location with World Swimsuit: Behind the Scenes Documentary

We are proud to announce that our behind-the-scenes documentary — On Location with World Swimsuit — will debut on Australian television in prime time on the 2nd of March. This follows the highly successful launch of World Swimsuit Australia, the country’s only swimsuit issue, which hit new stands in December 2015 in partnership with InsideSport Magazine.

On Location with World Swimsuit is a High-Definition record of what happens when you fly superstar models like Xenia Deli, Genevieve Morton, Solveig Mork and local bombshell Sarah Stephens to the exquisite islands of The Maldives, then pair them up with legendary fashion photographers like Gavin Bond and Daniella Midenge. We won’t give too much away, except to say that in addition to female perfection, captured in paradise, the program features sharks, ocean squalls and even a psychotic parrot! “The great appeal of this documentary is the way that it captures how much fun the 2015 World Swimsuit shoot was for everyone to do,” says World Swimsuit founder Aletha Carswell. “You get a real sense that this was not just another job for the models but something special, something they really wanted to be a part of and which they enjoyed even more than expected. This is rare, and worth sharing. We’re confident that you’ll agree.”

The On Location with World Swimsuit documentary will be broadcasted on the 2 March 2016 at 19:30 on Fox 8

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