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Fresh Face – Kara Del Toro

This southern belle (she’s L.A.-based model, but hails from from Texas) recently starred in an eyebrow-raising Carl’s Jr. commercial. The ad features Kara along with a host of other models playing volleyball while a bunch of Tex Mex eating jocks look on. Watch it to the end for the hilarious punchline! Kara says she almost missed the opportunity cause she was home visiting family. “My agent sent them a video of me and had me come directly to the callback. I had no idea we were going to play volleyball so I showed up in my dress and high heels to a volleyball court, and I had to take off my shoes, go barefoot. I had a bikini in my car and I auditioned and somehow they booked me. I’m horrible at volleyball, but luckily that didn’t matter that much,” she says. 

Her gorgeous body, flaunting some amazing bikinis is something you’ll be treated to when you follow her on Instagram here. While she grew up inland, she’s really taking to beach living and her shots are filled with her regular visits to LA beaches and of course her pro work.  

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