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Hailey Baldwin stars for Triangl Swimwear

Just glancing over Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram page and one can pick up that the girl really has some serious beach style. The 19 year old can be seen strutting her stuff on some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world with her rumoured boyfriend Justin Bieber. The girl really knows a thing or two about pictures and this has captured the attention of Triangl Swimwear. Now the model has posed for the brand’s latest campaign and Triangl has Hailey posing in some really sexy bikinis and the results are some stunning pictures and some of the brand’s other costumes can also be seen on the model when she is posting on her social media pages. Have a look at the pictures from the campaign as well as some of Hailey’s own candid pictures of the brand.

Images courtesy of Triangl and Hailey’s Instagram.

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