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Gigi Hadid on CSI?

While she may be one of the most popular models on the planet right now, things might have turned out way differently if Gigi had decided to put modelling on hold and continue with her studies. Her field of studies surprises us since it is something that very few people think of studying –  forensic sciences! In a recent interview Gigi talks about how she always had a fascination with figuring out why certain people commit the crimes that they do. However once she realised it involved 8 years of intensive studying she mentioned that she was ‘over it’ and this is a good thing as her modelling career really started to gain some momentum and look where she is now. At 20 years old, and already a Victoria’s Secret model among countless other high profile fashion jobs, it’s safe to say that she made the right decision by putting her forensic studies on hold. Gigi did admit to wanting head back to college once she’s done being one of the busiest models there is. While it’s definitely something worth pursuing in the future we’ll sit back and watch as she continues to climb the supermodel ladder for now.

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