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Gabrielle Epstein – fresh face

Gabby Epstein - fresh face

If the name Gabrielle Epstein doesn’t ring a bell then be sure to take note. This gorgeous Gold Coast native has amassed over 900 000 followers on Instagram alone and it doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. It isn’t difficult to see why or how she has gained such a massive social media presence, with her toned body and beautiful blue eyes surrounded by beaches makes for perfect pictures. The social media star has brains to back up her beauty with her biomedical science studies and a savvy online persona. The self confessed coffee addict, super competitive and fashion forward thinker is on a roll quickly making a name for herself. She’s recently defended her fame through Instagram after a fellow model exposed various dark secrets about Instagram posts and what they are really made up of. Be sure to look out for her in the future where you’ll be sure to find her all over not only your Instagram feed, but the world! 

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