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Life After Victoria’s Secret

Sara Stephans Victoria Secret

The hype around the Victoria Secret Fashion Show grows with each passing year. From its inception in 1995 the show has gone on to become one of fashion’s most anticipated events while launching the careers of plenty of models. One such model is Sarah Stephens who happens to be a World Swimsuit star as well. Vogue recently caught up with the Sydney star as she broke down certain aspects about the fashion show. She says that the show taught her how to deal with negativity saying,”You’ve got to be able to take the good with the bad and not let it get to you. 

Sarah Stephens for World Swimsuit

Be strong!” She advises this year’s model to “keep calm and stay true to yourself”. She also touches on the fame the show brought and discussed the latest and biggest risk she’s taken with her career. The model took off a year (during the height of her fame) to pursue acting and she has not looked back since. She goes on to state that she’s currently rehearsing for the film The Flood and gives her ways of dealing with staying in shape. 

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