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Lydia Simonis – Fresh Face

Lydia Simonis - Fresh Face

This exotic looking Aussie was born and raised in the sun drenched city of Sydney. We have to thank her friend for scouting her and leading her to the director of IMG Models. Word is, Lydia went in and was signed on the spot! How could they say no to this half Russian, half Polynesian stunner?

It’s no surprise that she’s rocking an amazing body when dancing is her passion. Lydia names the award-winning Polynesian dancer, Moena Maiotui, as one of her biggest inspirations. For those who don’t know, Polynesian or Tahitian dance consists of fast, rhythmic hip movements, usually set to the beat of the drums. We’re intrigued by just how effortlessly Lydia can move her hips – it’s absolutely hypnotising! She learned how to dance as a child when she lived on Atiu, an island in the Cook Islands.

Lydia Simonis

Lydia describes her style as uncomplicated, clean and comfortable. As an island girl who loves being surrounded by nature and the beach, clothes are the least of her worries. She focusses most of her energy on maintaining a healthy mind and body. We could all take a few pointers from her!

Sweet sixteen and loving life, she beams positivity. Scrolling through her Instagram feed, you’ll find enough inspirational and empowering life quotes to uplift anyone stuck in a rut. One of the most recent posts?  “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou.

It looks like she’s taking Maya’s advice because she’s hard at work! She hasn’t been modelling for long but she’s already shot with countless top photographers. You can already spot her bronze skin and blonde locks in Oyster Magazine, Dolly and Girlies French Magazine. Lydia says favourite thing about modelling is “meeting so many people who have such interesting stories about travel and what they have been doing with their lives”.

Lydia Simonis - Fresh Face

We can’t wait to see Lydia shine in the modelling industry – that is, if she doesn’t take over the Polynesian dance scene first!

Lydia is with IMG and StarsystemParis, you can follow her on

Photos courtesy of Instagram and The Carousel

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