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Luna Sobrino – Fresh Face

Luna Sobrino

We are over the moon for this Spanish sweetheart! Eighteen year old, Luna Sobrino has adorably flawless features that would make anyone do a double take. Her tawny tan, sun kissed locks and chocolate doe eyes give her the perfect balance between cute and smoking hot. It looks like we’re not the only ones who adore her- she has almost 80K Instagram followers and fans. Not to mention her Tumblr, where her many followers beg to know the secret to attaining that tiny waist, as well as ask for modelling, fashion and life advice.

Luna Sobrino

It looks like modelling runs in her blood, seeing as though her mother was a model as well. Luna was scouted on social media and is now signed to IMG Paris/Milan and UNO Models. If it wasn’t her beauty that won them over, they were probably attracted by her beaming confidence. When asked what she would change about her body, she replied she wouldn’t change a thing. “You have to work on yourself everyday there’s so much to discover even your darkest side can turn into your best side.”

Luna Sobrino

Luna is reaching for the stars and she plans on continuing modelling while focusing on university for Fashion Communication. She’d love to work for a fashion magazine and if she does continue modelling, she prefers editorial work over walking the runways. Lucky for us, she’d love to do lingerie and swimwear modelling! Whether behind the camera or in front, we’re sure this gorgeous girl will be successful.

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