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Justin Bieber – What do you mean?

While you were sleeping, young Justin Bieber grew up into quite the sexy guy. The much anticipated music video for “What do you mean?” debuted moments after the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards wrapped on Sunday, where he also performed and finished in tears saying “Life is a journey sometimes a battle full of the unexpected. Sometimes we focus on the destination and forget to focus on the journey,”

If this super hot video is anything to go by, Justin Bieber certainly is going places, hot places. The Canadian singer makes out with World Swimsuit model Xenia Deli in his new video, directed by Brad Furman and also starring legendary actor John Leguizamo.

Much to the delight of girls all around the globe, Bieber strips down to his jeans and Calvins for the sexy encounter with Xenia Deli… At one point Xenia licks the Biebs from navel to chest, before Pushing him away, leaving Justin wondering as to what she wants. The pair get kidnapped… but you’ll have to watch the video to find out what happens next!

After seeing the on-screen chemistry between the two, one has to wonder if the rumored romance between Xenia Deli and Justin Bieber was really just for publicity…

 This video is smoking hot, enjoy!

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