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Meet Kate Cameron-Smith!

What a phenomenal rise to fame! In just one year this golden-haired beauty went from being discovered on Facebook to being signed up to one of the biggest modelling agencies in the game! 


Co-founder of AZALEA Models, Stacey Hendrickson, spotted Kate and took her under her wing. With such a supportive mentor, it didn’t take long for Kate to start making her mark in the industry. Kate soon landed an international modelling contract with the powerhouse, IMG Models.


Those hypnotising baby blues have since graced the covers of TEO Magazine and Adelaide Magazine as well as the pages of Oyster and Live Like A Lion. She’s also worked on some incredible fashion campaigns such as the popular Aussie brand Pepper Mayo. And what does this gorgeous girl plan to do with all this success? Kate told Adelaide Mag: “I hope that it takes me somewhere where I can be financially independent, but most importantly, I want it to continue making me happy and surprising me.”  


Kate is definitely dominating the modelling scene in Australia, and we’re sure she’ll soon be confidently strutting down runways around the globe too.

Photos courtesy of IMG Models and AZALEA Models

IG: @Kaatecs

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