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Jena Goldsack – Fresh Face

Jena Goldsack

Jena Goldsack is an alluring UK native drawing much attention! Those piercing eyes and plump pout can be seen in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour UK and Vogue Italy. Her perfectly bold brows are reminiscent of the iconic Audrey Hepburn and we can’t deny they’re on fleek.

She’s recently worked for amazing brands such as Asos, Wildfox, Polo Ralph Lauren, River Island and Garage. She oozes originality and has said herself that she doesn’t follow what other people wear.

Jena Goldsack

When she’s not back in the UK, she’s trotting through the streets of NYC, goofing off on the warm beaches of Rio and sipping coconuts in Hawaii. Are you envious, because we are?

Jena is with Models1 London and Wilhelmina USA and you can follow her Instagram  – @jenagoldsack

Photos courtesy of Wilhelmina

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