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Nicole Meyer – 10 Things You Never Knew

Nicole Meyer is a gorgeous brunette from South Africa and she happens to be our 2014 Cover star! Swimsuit fans, you may think you know everything there is to know about Nicole, but we’ve got news for you. Here are 10 things you may not have known about her.

Nicole Meyer for World Swimsuit

  1. Nicole has a twin brother, He is exactly one minute older than her.
  2. There is a reason this Girl smiles so much – She has a thing about brushing her teeth at least five times a day.
  3. Nicole used to be quite the athlete and was very sporty at school.
  4. She used to be a waitress before she broke into the modelling industry.
  5. Nicole’s mom had hoped that she would become a famous actress in South Africa, lucky for us – She became a model instead!
  6. She used to get bullied at school and once told her whole class that she was going to be a model and that she would see Paris, Milan and New York in an oral for her English class.
  7. Nicole never had a boyfriend as school, she says “Guys actually never liked me! Like never!” – We can’t imagine that!
  8. People think that Nicole had her lips done – She says “My lips are REAL”
  9. She attended no less than eight different schools as a child.
  10. Nicole is a history lover and hopes to do a degree relating to history in the future.

Well now you know a bit more about Nicole Meyer, why not check out her profile.

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