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Nicky Connolly – Fresh Face

Nicky Connolly World Swimsuit Fresh Face

Nicky Connolly is a world-travelling, guitar-playing whirlwind of beauty and colour. “I enjoy playing my guitar” she muses “and I’m obsessed with Vice Magazine and Chanel, I would love to one day work for them” 

She has recently completed a diving course and is on her way to completing a master’s diving course “It’s a whole different world, and kind-of a way of meditating for me” She says about diving.

This little world traveler is a vegan and has a deep passion for animals and the environment “The best part about traveling, besides the locations, is the different food around the world” Nicky is native to Zimbabwe but she has travelled to Mexico and Thailand, as well as extensive tours and trips through Europe and her biggest dream is to get lost in India on a long adventure.

She has recently worked for amazing brands like, Mister Lady, Blu Girl Follies, Asos UK, Crochet Mag and one of our favourite brands, American Apparel.

Nicky Connolly World Swimsuit Fresh Face

Nicky Connolly fresh face

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