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5 music festivals to let loose

Music festivals are becoming an even more popular and entertaining production than ever before. The electricity in the air is what brings festival-goers to these events every year. It has become a culture; made up of people arriving dressed in their usual festival attire, listening to world-class music with the masses. With so many different festivals and tours to choose from, you’ll need a bucket list of the top five to go to and let your hair down.


When you begin your quest to find the ultimate music festival, Tomorrowland is likely to take first place on many people’s lists. Renowned as one of the largest electronic music festivals in Europe, it takes place in Boom, Belgium and hosts hundreds of thousands of people every year. It has been a global hit since it started in 2005, with acts such as David Guetta and Avicii coming back year after year, and flocks of fans joining from every corner of the earth to get in on the vibe.


A common feature of Glastonbury is the youth dressed in floral prints and dirty gumboots, gallivanting around farm fields. The venue, just outside Bristol in England, is a favourite amongst those who enjoy the camping experience combined with the mud. The festival began in 1970 in commemoration of Jimi Hendrix, who had passed away the day before and from there it turned into the massive festival which it is today. The festival is well known for its variety of acts, from Lily Allen to Metallica; but get your tickets early as this festival can sell out in no time.


Based in Chicago, USA, this festival is extremely well known amongst music lovers. Created by Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell, the festival has evolved into a spectacular performance filled with dance, singing and a little bit of comedy on the side. Initially starting out as an Indie Rock festival, it has turned out to be a festival that can be enjoyed by just about anyone, with everything from old school favourites that you can join in on, to Skrillex and Eminem.


The entire week leading up to and during Coachella, social media feeds are flooded with posts about the festival. The festival, which boasts the most fantastic musicians, has become an event that focuses just as much on the famous and well dressed as the music. If you want to put on that flower crown or those pair John Lennon inspired glasses then Coachella is the perfect place to do it. The festival is based outside Palm Springs, California and famous acts include the likes of Rihanna and Calvin Harris. Check out our tips on what to take to this trendsetting festival.

Rocking the Daisies

This festival may be small in relation to the other world music festivals mentioned, but it’s on the fast track to join them. With famous international acts such as Alt-J and Crystal Fighters joining the line-up, it is becoming a popular South African event. It takes place on a wine estate a few hours outside Cape Town, with people trekking from far and wide to come and enjoy rock bands, DJs and rappers in the sunshine.

Author: Ashleigh Butterworth

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