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Shay Mitchell – Our Favorite Summer Instagram

Shay Mitchell plays a central role on the popular television series Pretty Little Liars. We don’t just love her for her acting; we also adore her for having one of the most colorful, fun Instagram accounts around. The actress constantly posts pictures at the beach while wearing in-style, oversized sunglasses. She also posts fun, positive quotes that remind us that today’s a great day to be alive!

Recently she posted the album cover of Calvin Harris’ song Summer on Instagram. She captioned the photo “A little late on this one now that summer is over, but I have this on repeat @calvinharris #ILiveinLA #stillsummer.” So even though, summer is technically over in the USA, we can still count on Shay Mitchell, the California girl, to keep posting summer inspired photos on her Instagram! Check it out for yourself and follow Shay Mitchell on Instagram to be surrounded by #foreversummer! 

Written by Lauren Frank

Images by Instagram

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