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Kate Hudson and Fabletics: Actress Gone Designer

Kate Hudson has done it again and we aren’t talking about a new lead role in a rom com. The actress has taken a break from the big screen to take up designing fitness wear.

Now I’m not sure about you but in recent months very slowly but surely a suggested ad page has been repeatedly popping up in my Facebook newsfeed. The culprit? An up and coming company called Fabletics. Turns out this affordable active wear is none other than Kate Hudson’s line of clothing. Hudson has spent the last year co-founding and launching the online retail store.

So what makes Fabletics stand out from all the clutter of athletic wear? Well, first off it’s extremely fashionable and secondly, it’s extremely affordable. Third, it’s extremely personalized. The website features a pre-shopping quiz to help tailor to your specific needs. It picks and pulls different outfits depending work out routine, support, style preference, and fit. Hudson’s aim was to create athletic wear that gave all women what they want within a reasonable price range. Her reasoning, the movie star gone designer tells Vogue, “Why wouldn’t you want to reach women on a wider scope to motivate them to become more active? To me that’s what it’s all about.”

She couldn’t have said it any better, not many woman want to spend $90 on one pair of lululemon leggings that you will never see a discount on when you can get a sports bra, top, and pants for around that $50 on Fabletics’ virtual sales rack. Fabletics is bound to be a real competitor in the athletic wear market especially when it’s backed by someone like Hudson, who knows thinks like a business woman but designs with the consumer in mind. Not to mention, with some of the sexy backless tops Hudson has designed I’m confused if I should be wearing them to work out or go out…

Check out more of the awesome athletic wear here:

Written by: Leah Wainwright

Images by: Vogue News and 

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