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Miley Cyrus Banned From The Dominican Republic


The formerly beloved Hannah Montana star has hit a nerve in the Dominican Republic. The used to be “girl next door” has transitioned into a bit of a wild card and the Dominican Republic isn’t playing her game. The Dominican Republic government commission that oversees performances is banning Miley Cyrus’ concert scheduled for 13 September 2014 on morality grounds. Apparently, Miley partakes in “acts that go against morals and customs that are punishable by Dominican law”. After a slew of racy performances including her infamous twerking and crotch-grabbing it’s easy to see the superstar isn’t exactly America’s Sweetheart anymore.

While the questionable antics may not be working for the Dominican Republic, they’re definitely working elsewhere as concerts planned for Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand are still set for the upcoming months. Crazy or cool, you’ve got to respect that she’s doing her thing with no shame.

Written by Leah Wainwright

Images by by Vijat Mohindra and Urban Splatter via

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