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Model Miranda Kerr Challenges Jimmy Fallon

The Australian model Miranda Kerr attempted a new kind of game a few nights ago. While looking fabulous she got down and dirty to challenge the Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon in the famous American drinking game flip cup. In the intense battle between the two, Fallon ended up being victorious. But Miranda Kerr put up a good fight, only losing by one cup! That is an impressive accomplishment for someone who has never played the game before! 

In her interview with Fallon she also taught him how to keep his body in great shape! She joked about workouts Fallon could partake in on an airplane. She recommended a clench and release exercise for him to do while sitting to improve his ab muscles. And to improve his butt muscles she recommended the same exercise of clench and release. Well if it works for the beautiful Miranda Kerr, then it might work for the rest of us!

Watch the epic battle here:

Images from Getty and E! Online

Written by Lauren Frank

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