Steph Law


  • Age: 26
  • City: Chicago

  • Model Agency: N/A

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I like to leave my mark, everyday, whether it be a smile on a stranger's face, a laugh in someone's head, a tear on my mom's cheek... I dress my best as if I will die tomorrow (you never know who you are going to meet.) I lead by example, through acts of kindness and love. I don't sweat the small stuff - life is too short to get all worked up! I care about my body and what I am putting into it - athleticism and staying in shape are two of my main priorities. I will play you in a game of pool and make you believe I will win from start to finish. I will listen to you for hours, and be all ears, giving you advice after you're done talking, never interrupting once. I will follow my favorite band across the country because music makes me happier more than anything... I will relay the wisdom of my 92 year old Grandpa on a daily basis because he's had a lot of experience, more than I am capable of wrapping my brain around. "Repetition is the greatest form of impression!" I will tell you that you're beautiful every day, because you are in your own amazing way!

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