Sherica Small


  • Age: 22
  • City: Atlanta, Georgia

  • Model Agency: Directions USA

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I'm a total goof ball. In a professional setting I know when it's time to get work done, and separate the two. But I'm usually always in a good mood. Smiling, laughing, making lame jokes, I've been told I have a loveable personality. When the camera comes on I turn into a completely different person. Giving a serious face on demand. That's one of the reasons I love modeling because we get to display so many different personalities and it's a lot of fun. I'm very into different cultures and different languages. I can communicate in Spanish very well! I also know a little French! & know a few things in an Indian language called Gujarati. I grew up playing sports my whole life. Basketball, track and field, soccer, gymnastics, karate, and now I dance salsa currently for amateur pro team. I've only been dancing for about two and a half years. I love to travel. I especially love the beach. It's my favorite place to be! I feel so relaxed and peaceful! Nature is my favorite place to be. I don't consider myself a city girl. I love horses, I think they're beautiful animals. I'm convinced horses are my spirit animal. Everyone always asks me what my ethnicity is. They wonder if I have Asian decent. I have very strong Native American features from my Cherokee ancestry. I love inspiring people to go after their dreams. It's not enough for me to chase after mine. I feel like my purpose is to inspire others to step into their full potential. As I learn things along my journey, I like to share that knowledge with others because I see I think as helpful and I just want to help at least one soul! & eventually millions! smile

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