Nastassja Moller


  • Age: 21
  • City: Cape Town

  • Model Agency: None

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I am fun ,loving , open minded and have a very easy personality. I am also very outgoing and love any outdoor activities . I really love to inspire others and help them grow to appreciate and to except themselves for who they are . I strive for progress and to grow to be a better person. Bikini Modeling is one of my biggest dreams and one of my greatest passions. Modeling is an art and an inspiration to keep fit and healthy. What I do love about modeling is that you get the opportunity to have fun with a sexy side of you and I truly believe that every women has that beautiful image. My favorite food will always be veggies and sushi and of course chocolate for breakfast. I do love an ice cold beer on a hot sunny day on the beach. I love the adrenaline when a car is speeding fast (but only if I get to drive it:) I am not judge mental I'll rather leave that for other people., I except people for who they really are after all God made us all different. I'm a Christian woman and value my believes. Respect for me is one of the biggest assists a human being must have. Materialism don't impress me at all but a human's mind and soul is far more valuable. You can be very good looking but if you have an ugly soul ... I am not perfect, I make a lot of mistakes but like my mother taught me, try to learn from them then you can rise above your situation. Never let anyone tell you you can't! You are responsible for your own destination. Follow your heart and passion and do what makes you happy! Always stay humble and kind!!

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