Nadya Abedian


  • Age: 24
  • City: Johannesburg, RSA

  • Model Agency: Freelance

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I graduated as a dentist last year (2017) and I am taking 2018 as a gap year, a time to smell the roses and do everything I never had the time for. I've been studying my whole life and I've exceeded my own expectations in it but now I want to prove to myself that I can do a range of other things too. One of them is modelling, which I am new to, but I'm having a ball of a time exploring and learning. People think modelling is just standing in front of the camera but there is a lot of skill that goes into getting the perfect shot. It means getting to know yourself and be comfortable in your skin while portraying the feelings you have and letting them shine through your eyes for the camera. It's not about how pretty you are or how skinny you might be, it's about being authentic and letting your unique beauty shine through. We've all seen pretty, I think what the world wants to see now is unique beauty, the kind of beauty your soul possesses.

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