Molly Johnson


  • Age: 19
  • City: Los Angeles

  • Model Agency: Wunder Models

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Hello! My name is Molly Johnson ( everyone calls me MoJo) I’m from a very small town in Michigan and currently live in Los Angeles. Ive been with small agencies my whole life. My Father was an amazing photographer so i have a different eye on art and beauty. In the modeling industry and the fashion industry we have a constant need for followers, likes, views… and so on.. to me, that diminishes the value of “ the model” the model is beautiful inside and out. She is healthy, she takes care of her body, hair, skin, nails, and most importantly her mind. I look at beauties like Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss. To me, those women are the super models. So many agencies and brands are looking for this major following ( rightfully so) but completley forgetting about the human behind the screen, Im sad to see my generation live with these values. Don’t get me wrong, I do want a large following and I’m getting there slowly but surely, but i want to use it as a platform of art and self love rather than teaching young girls self hate. I want to bring back values and standards of “ the model” and mix it in with the modern model and help the agency, brands, and myself become something greater than a number. All my love Molly

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