• Age: 22
  • City: Cape Town

  • Model Agency: Boss Models

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Hey SA! Another one of your local girls here, my name is Mikayla McClean and I'm from Pretoria. I'm a model turned blogger based in Cape Town and have recently found short filmmaking a new passion of mine so I have just started a YouTube channel to display some of the content I have created/edited. I love being active and outdoors - riding bikes, falling off skateboards and jumping out of planes however i don't think i could ever bungee jump-is that weird?I'll admit i can also be a little more indoors-y or as i like to refer to myself as 'nerdy', you can find me studying or watching youtube tutorials on Friday nights in my star wars pj's, eating oats or improving my skills on COD black ops. I can also throw a solid punch due to my love for boxing at Seb's Elite Boxing in Pretoria. I always look at the glass more than half full and am a total believer of what you put out into the universe will come back to you, positive vibes only people! Always happy and always trying to make other people's days a whole lot better (Inserts inspirational quote: Throw kindness around like confetti)*. Total goofball and always up for new adventures and taking on a challenge (excluding bungee jumping) because nothing worth having in this life comes easy! Work hard and stay humble. X

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