McKenzie Sanders


  • Age: 21
  • City: Chapel Hill, NC

  • Model Agency: Directions USA

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Hey I’m McKenzie! I grew up in a very small town near Asheville, very southern and cute! Being from the south, I also grew up competitively dancing and cheerleading for my high school and for separate competitive teams. I was originally scouted for modeling at an away game I was cheering at, though I didn’t go through with modeling at the time I did start professionally about 2 years ago! I believe that my career in the spotlight of cheering and dancing has taught me how to move in front of a camera and play with angles for what looks good! It also definitely helped my confidence! Currently I am a student at UNC Chapel Hill and I am a senior. I LITERALLY JUST GOT TO WATCH UNC BEAT DUKE WHILE WATCHING THE GAME IN THE DEAN DOME (you know what I’m talking about tar heel fans). I have a wild heart for traveling, for the past two years at school I have only had classes two days a week so I could leave for the weekend randomly to go places. This summer I’m traveling to Italy for two weeks and hopefully abroad as well modeling. Please vote for me so I can share my love of modeling with everyone at World Swimsuit! ❤

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