Maxcine Taylor


  • Age: 24
  • City: Australia

  • Model Agency: Chaay’s Model and Talent Agency Newcastle

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I am a 4th year law student studying at UNISA. I was born in beautiful South Africa to an Indian mother and a Scottish/German father and I am currently living in Newcastle, Australia. I am passionate about fitness and beauty, I’ve always been a lover of sport and music as I believe they are 2 things that really being people together. I run my own foundation called the One Body Movement where I strive to educate children through sport in order to keep them off the streets and away from drug use, sport can open so many doors for a person... not only to health and being part of a team, a family but also to scholarships and travel. One Body Movement is also concerned with animal rights as it is something I am also very passionate about because like children, animals are innocent and vulnerable and they need us humans to be their voice.

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