Marcie Monfret


  • Age: 25
  • City: Paris

  • Model Agency: N/A

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Marcie Monfret, 24 years, started as a model eight years ago with a miss contest in Paris and decided to continues with her first agency in Normandie and then agency in Paris. ​ Catching the eye of clients and fashion followers in Paris even while still at school studying management in Le Havre, she has had years to build her skills and contacts in the industry. Her strong features and brown complexion provide the perfect palette for creative who are looking for a standout model to execute their ideas and concept. Her innate awareness of her body and selfallows her to be a posing pro – she know how to move, when to move and what will work in front of the camera. Clients book her in assurance that she will bring any shoot to life with these inimitable skills. Being 5’9”tall and with a queen-like posture, she is as curved-body photoshoot dream. Marcie certainly has the look, rhythm and vision to excel – and she is ready to show the world her moves. Touches everything, Marcie sharing a vision of style and high body color, and plunge into a world sometimes post-modern, sleek, mystical or dreamlike. Since obtaining her degree in 2013 in management, she dev ote full-time to modeling and photography. In 2014, she become coach & model scout for the french contest "Miss nationale 2015 - Les miss aux caraïbes" French Tv reality about the life of a Miss. In 2015, she does "Les miss à Miami - Mission Wines & Underwear" as a photographer and model scout. Versatile and talented artist Marcie Monfret is undoubtedly a young woman to keep a close... In 2016, she represent France for the development of ecotourism in Egypt during 3 weeks. She also be part of the famous fashion TV show : "Les reines du shooping (The queen of the shooping)" during 1 week. Versatile and talented artist Marcie Monfret is undoubtedly a young woman to keep a close...

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