Karla Kubica


  • Age: 17
  • City: Cape Town

  • Model Agency: 20Managment

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Where do I start...? I was born in Germany & moved to Cape Town at a very young age. Ever since I’ve fallen in love with the idea of travel & experiencing new cultures. Cape Town has truly been an amazing place to grow up, & I’ve learned to love the outdoors & indescribable weather. I’ve gotten to an age where I once again would love to see the world from another perspective. I believe traveling will give me this opportunity. Furthermore, I have found a deep interest in photography & lifestyle shoots. Working with World Swimwear would be a dream come true for me. I am very aware that many girls will be using these very words, but I mean it. I’ve worked with many swimwear brands & Photgrapher’s in the past (see below), so this would be a life changing step on this little journey of mine. I realize I am extremely young, but I think this is an amazing opportunity to show girls my age that you can achieve things no matter your age. If you want it bad enough & you fight for it; it will come. It would show that you don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers, or loads of money etc. to achieve your goals. smile I also think it brings in great authenticity if WorldSwimsuit works with a local Cape Townian Model like me. A few further swimsuit brands I have worked with: @baconbikinis @lilylabel @lipeswimwear @gabrielle_swimwear @palmthebrand @akinaswim @lunaswim

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