Ebony Bailey


  • Age: 22
  • City: Saint Louis Missouri

  • Model Agency: N/A

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Hi my name is Ebony, but I like to go by Vanity! I’m a bikini and fashion model who’s ready to take my career to the next level! My measurements are 32 inch bust, 24 inch waist, 33 inch hips, 100 pounds and 5'4 tall. You know what they say, GREAT things come in small packages! I’m ambitious, hard working, and I have a great personality! I’m super chill and laid back but I love being goofy and making other people laugh at the same time. I’m 22 years old and started my professional modeling career at the age of 19. By age 20 I was published to 4 swimsuit magazines. At the age of 21 I became a promotional model for the alcoholic beverage company Remy Martin. Not only do I love to get behind the camera, but I also love dancing and music! When I’m not spending my time modeling, I’m playing my violin, dancing around the house, or cuddling with my loving chihuahua. Modeling has became a huge part of my life and I am setting goals and working hard to achieve them. I believe that you can accomplish anything you want, all you have to do is work for it! No matter what you do, rather it's modeling or becoming a doctor you always have to remain confident, positive, and dedicated. Never let anybody tell you that you can't!

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