Christie Peruso


  • Age: 27
  • City: Cape Town

  • Model Agency: 20 Model Management

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Hi! I'm Christie Peruso, a model and actress of Sicilian decent. I was raised in New York, and by the age of 24 I lived on 4 different continents as I was scouted by international modeling agencies. I love that my career has given me the opportunity to travel all over the world, yet I return to Sicily as often as I can! I'm now happily based in Cape Town, SA where I continue to pursue my acting and modeling careers. Most recently I can be seen on TV series on ABC and SyFy, as well as in Warner Brothers and Universal Pictures films. Acting and modeling are my favorite forms of creativity, self expression, and art. Modeling has empowered me to love my body despite any rejection I've faced in the industry, and as I go forward in my career I want to encourage women to have body positivity! I attribute my appreciation of my body to having a plant-based diet as this has stabilized by body and made me healthy. I encourage others to have a diet high in plant foods as they will see their bodies flourish, and plant-based diets are also kinder on animals and the environment. Thank you World Swimsuit for this opportunity! This competition has been a constant source of inspiration over the past year for me to grow as a model. Love, Christie

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