Brittany Harvey


  • Age: 27
  • City: Charlotte North Carolina

  • Model Agency: Directions USA

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My entire life I've wanted to model I remember being a little girl dancing in front of my grandfathers television set demanding all of my grandparents attention. As a teenager I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and went down a not so great path. I ended up becoming a teen mom and had to put my dreams aside so that I could be the parent my kids deserved. I had to take time to navigate what it would look like to be a mother and a young adult so I decided to take on college and study nursing instead. I was afraid to take the leap of faith and pursue my dreams at the time and felt as though I had to play it safe, so to speak. That internal dream of being a model never quite faded though. When I was 22 I decided to submit to a few agencies just to see if anything would happen. I ended up signing in North and South Carolina, and was offered many contracts locally. I was so ambitious about what this could mean for me and my boys, and then I quickly realized that to become one of the top models I had always felt I was destine to be it would take a lot of hard work and balance with being a single mother to achieve this. I decided in 2015 to leave the my hospital job and focus on modeling full time, that was one of the most uncertain times of my life. I naturally gravitated towards swim wear and lingerie, and really want to tap my potential in this area. World Swim is a great platform to plummet me into this industry. I want to show young girls that dreams do come true and even if you take a wrong turn or two, or three, or four..... (you get the point) you can always make a choice to change your life, and bring those dreams to fruition. I am excited and very grateful to have a chance to becoming the next World Swim girl and gain influence so that I can make an impact on someone else's life. Life becomes way more meaningful when you use your passion to help others. Who knows maybe there is another young aspiring girl out there who needs encouraging. I am a living example of what it looks like to live outside the box. xoxo B

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