World Swimsuit 2017: Day 7 in Mauritius

We've come to the end of our second to last day on the island so this adventure is coming to an end soon but we still have the magnificent Ana Cunya to shoot tomorrow so it definitely isn't over yet! 

Today we kicked things off with Demi-Leigh on the beach at sunrise. Not only can she hold her own (as well as the Miss South Africa 2017 title) but she is a serious swimwear model too. 

Demi-Leigh is featured here in Billabong Australia (top), Seafolly Australia (middle) and Roxy South Africa (bottom).

We then went to breakfast for some refueling before heading out on our second island excursion. Every Thursday in Mauritius (or so the locals told us), the Quatre Borne market is the place to go and experience some local culture, while shop for textiles. That sounded right up our alley.

Later in the day we caught up with Nicole Meyer who has helped us create some incredible shots for the 2017 edition of our magazine.

Nicole in Olavida Swimwear.

And then it was time for some after dark shots, featuring Nicole and Demi-Liegh. "Wow! Wow! Wow!" as Jacques would say.

Stay tuned as we head into our last day...

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