World Swimsuit 2017: Day 4 in Mauritius

How many people does it take to get the perfect shot? A whole squad in our case!

We're half way there!

We woke up to blue skies yet again so it was straight to the beach for a first light shoot with Kara Del Toro. Kara is an absolute natural when it comes to performing for the camera and showing off our beautiful swimwear. She knows exactly which angles work in her favour (and therefore ours too) so we moved at a swift pace to capture some incredible shots while the sun was making it’s way up and over the island. 

We also finished shooting with our beautiful and sharp-shooting Tamara this morning so she’s headed back to Durbs and in her place we have welcomed Nicole Meyer, who is back to shoot with us again for the 2017 edition of our mag. More on Nicole to come though, for now, here are some behind the scenes pics from this morning...

Morning ritual essential, especially on set, by our partner Himalaya Herbals.

How incredible?!

We lost a little bit of prime magazine shooting time during the course of the rest of the day thanks to intermittent rain but we used the time to create some content for our partner Supabets. This is Miss Candice-Jean, she'll be shooting with us tomorrow (and has been a great member of the crew, tagging along for all our shoots thus far and helping us behind the scenes), and our other American, Sherica.

For the remainder of the day and into the sunset (which never quite broke through the clouds today), we dodged patches of rain before ending up back at a beautiful location we'd shot the day before to capture more of Kara. More of that to come... 

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