Karri Nicholas has already accomplished a lot!

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Karri Nicholas

Business owner, swimsuit model, online influencer, and much more, at just 19 years old Karri Nicholas has already accomplished a lot! An entrant for last year’s Model Search, the Australian bombshell loves travel, styling, food, and the ocean.

Modelling since she was 15, Karri has lived in Korea and Singapore for work and has “seeing the Northern Lights” near the top of her bucket list.

Karri’s business, Send Me Social, is a social media management company that specialises in all things social and online.

Productive by nature, she’s a self-confessed neat freak who loves dogs but hates cats (yet loves big cats, like lions, tigers, and leopards), and enjoys rap and classical music.

She also runs her own YouTube channel, and if you’d like to get to know her a bit better her 50 Facts About Me video will fill in quite a few blanks! 

In the meantime, check out some of the highlights from her  Instagram feed below smile 

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